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Bone in Hams

Bone in Hams.

Not just a gift, this is a presentation. Slowly smoked and fully cooked with mesquite wood. The succulent taste and distinctive aroma make this ham beyond compare. Because it is bone-in and spiral sliced, the flavor is choice, the appearance grand and the serving effortless.

Boneless Turkey

Boneless Turkey.

An unusual sensation for meals or snacks. Smoked to perfection! You'll love its juicy tenderness and flavor. Each bird comes vacuum packed and table ready.

Peppered Ranch Smoked Bacon

Peppered Ranch Smoked Bacon.

Breakfast is never complete without just-off-the-griddle bacon. Keep plenty on hand for the holiday. Treat yourself and others with a gift of unquestionably good eating.

Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket.

For those with a penchant for Texas-style brisket...this is the very best. No preservatives, just lovingly smoked with Mesquite wood. With its natural marbling and eye opening flavor, it is truely a unique gift. We recommend Al's famous Bar-B-Q Sauce.



Just the thing for hors d'oeuvres and sandwiches. Traditional sausage that has been ''texanized'' with jalapenos. A favorite for those with the long gift list.

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